What happens in the kiln

While Cooling Down
Deg F Deg C What happens
>1472 >800 Too rapid cooling breaks plaster molds
In generaal cooling so fast that glass movement slows down
Crash cool if necessary
>1292 >700
>1112 >600
1202-932 650-530 Cooling continues toward annealin soak
1030 Float
900 BE
950 Spectrum
555 float
482 BE
510 Spectrum
Soaking untill the temperature is evened throuhout the glass
Refer to manufacturer's Data Sheet
>752 >400 Critical slow cooling that prevents formation of stress
Refer to manufacturer's Data Sheet,
>100 for thin
>32 for thick
>40 ohuet
>25 paksut
Slow final cooling. When necessary in stages.
Refer to Annealing Thick chart
You may open the kiln
>75 >24 With over 15 mm thick pieeces wait 24 hours before semolding andcold working.