Lauri passed away 30 Oct 2014

About this site.

At the end of 2006 there was no good book of fusing in Finnish. Learning it had been a hard job. I had a feeling that there is no point to take all I have learned with me when the time comes.

I was asked to write a book. I preferred to make it a Web site. If it had been a book it would never come out. The task continues. The number of unwritten pages grows faster than thenumber of written pages. I have done my best to check the information, but the responsibility is on the reader.

Last year, 2010, these pages were visited 13826 times. Surprisingly there has been visits from over 50 countries, although only few of the 300+ pages are in English. In the December someone in Thailand worked through 57 pages at one session.

The glassists are a world wide community. If someone has translated some of my pages into her/his native language, I would gladly provide space for those.

There is a section for Questions and answers . It is in Finnish, but questions in English, German and Scandinavian languages (not sure about Islandic and Färöya!) are welcome. My E-mail address is on the front page. You will get an E-mail answer in some understandable language.
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I hereby grant a licence to copy pages in print or electronic form, on condition that the copyright notice is included. If the artist's or photographer's name is attached to a picture or text, her/his permission is also needed.

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There are plenty of good texts about fusing elsewhere. I recommend those. Some of my pages contain interesting but hard to find information. Those I have made bi-lingual or translated into English.
BE color reaction list A list of BE colors that has been reported as reactive  
Square Blank
Round Blank
Measuring the Glass Volume needed in casting or potmelt  
What happens in the kiln Understanding the events during firing  
Cooling of Glass The What and Why happens during annealing Sep 06 2011
Polarisation test Testing presence of stress and compatibility of glass samples Mar 02 2011
Glass cutting process Physics of glass cutting explained May 19 2012
Etching MSDS Safety concerns in etching
Brick killn Paragon tips for brick kilm maintenance
Glossary Dictionary of warm glass terms  
Dictionary of Finnish terms It may help if you want to read something from the Finnish pages through Google translator. Mar 19 2011
Lauri's Gallery My own gallery pages  
Bibliography A list of books, with some personal comments in Finnish.  
Videos links to glass related videos.  
Unit conversion calculator for some common unit conversions
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